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Seminario musicale. Replica dell’11 luglio 2014.

L’inglese è l’unica lingua ufficiale dI Volterra Project

Guitar Master Classes

Master Classes (each student will play in 3 individual master classes: two with Antigoni Goni, one with Gaëlle Solal)

Master Classes aim to prepare not only accomplished and skilled musicians but also intelligent and insightful artists. The program offers master class instruction with workshop’s director Antigoni Goni, and guest artists Gaëlle Solal. Students will be asked to participate in chamber music groups and prepare one major guitar piece. The repertoire for the chamber music groups will be distributed in June. Students are expected to have the piece ready for performance by the beginning of the Volterra Project.

Stage Performance crash course (each student will participate to at least two group sessions with Gaëlle Solal)

This group workshop that will include theater exercises, all-body warming up, and games. The workshop will provide hints and basic techniques to find a better relaxation an concentration, to rediscover spontaneity and clarity, to improve memory… whilst (of course) having fun.

Participation in the VP closing concert

The program concludes with the “Volterra Project Laureates concert”, where a selected group of participants will perform in the historic Palazzo dei Priori in Volterra.

Business Seminars (2 lectures and 1 individual session)

Lectures and individual consultations will focus on topics such as:

Effective promotional materials-biographies, news releases, program notes, websites, ads, etc
Media coverage, media interviews and the development of other promotional skills.
How-tos of arts education and outreach
Concert Programs, and “concert artist etiquette

Participants will leave the “Volterra Project” with an understanding of how the media work and how best to position themselves for promotion of concerts, recordings, residencies and teaching with a focus on career-long strategy.

Music Physiology

This year the Music Physiology course will be on spotlight and will be articulated on three levels:

The “traditional” 
 Music Physiology course with Bonno Lange (2 private lessons, 1 group session, possible group swimming session)

Alexander Technique is part of the curriculum in many advanced music academies, where it helps students to understand the way the use of the body influences their musical performance. Habitual patterns of moving and thinking will be scrutinised and reflected upon. In this course you will acquire practical knowledge and skills to operationally the fascinating interplay between thought and movement in the advantage of musical performance.

Bonno will teach private lessons in which students with some experience in the Alexander Technique are challenged to deepen their knowledge of the technique, beginners will be guided step by step through the basic principles.

The Alexander Technique can help to function better and bring more ease in your playing and practicing. Also some knowledge on the subtle function of the body can really help you to make choices in your practice. Further more it can support you in preventing or recovering from injury and pain.

Because the lessons are individual, we can easily attune them to subjects that are important for you personally

VOXploration (up to 5 group sessions)

Created by composer Clarice Assad & actress Andrea Santiago, Voxploration is the union of voice and body as instruments of art. More than a workshop, it is a movement that seeks to explore not only the creative energy itself, but the way it manifests itself individually and together. In music we explore textures, dynamics and different musical genres, in the theater we work on warm ups, awareness of space and recognition each other within that space.

The goal of the workshop is that each individual can make personal discoveries along the paths of music and theater, leaving behind censorship and any aesthetic concerns with what is right or wrong, We rely on the usage of each person’s unique talents and artistic resources for it to happen.

The workshop is always taught in a group setting, and through its course, we explore a wide variety of exercises that help build and enhance our musical and theatrical vocabulary. Each person contributes a vital role for the dynamics of the group as a whole, since music is created collectively and in the moment because everyone’s attention is focused on a single goal, the energy can be amazingly intense. Creative and technical. Creative exercises focus on imagination, originality and inventiveness. Technical exercises train our ability to focus and memorize patterns, as well as promote better breathing and vocal warmups.

Through the workshop, we explore different types of singing, musical styles and genres both individually and in group. Together we may create beautiful, tonal harmonies or complex cacophonies. We explore rhythm by learning basic beat boxing and body percussion techniques. (facial percussion, finger snapping, clapping, foot tapping, stomping, etc)

Video Analysis of Music Performance

Maurizio Villa, guitar professor at the Conservatory of S.Pietro a Majella of Naples, will present this wonderful and innovative seminar in which he will apply fast frame rate sport video recording techniques to guitar performance. The students will be recorded with a special sport video equipment and, in the following days, the footage will be examined for an accurate postural and dynamic analysis, and to identify mistakes, unbalances, and deviations from the correct body posture.

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