Local delicacies and food events

The menu is exquisite all year round although Autumn is an excellent time to savour the gastronomic delights of Volterran cuisine as nature yields an abundance of game and a wide variety of mushrooms and truffles.
The local specialities include Zuppa Volterrana, a thick vegetable soup served on a layer of bread, Pappardelle di lepre e di cinghiale, a flat wide curly pasta served with hare or wild boar sauce, Trippa alla Volterrana, traditionally cooked tripe and an endless variety of wild boar and game dishes, skewered meats, savoury sausages and white beans.

For hot summer days there is the refreshing Panzanella made with bread, fresh tomatoes and olive oil. A large selection of pecorino, ricotta cheeses, cold meats , salami and exquisite truffles are duly enhanced by quality olive oil and fine local wines.
The desserts and cakes served in the restaurants are mostly homemade and the specialities, well worth a try, include Panforte Etrusco, Cantuccini, delicious with Vinsanto, and Ossi di Morto.

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