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Nature Reserves Upper Cecina Valley – Excursion Program 2019


Excursions, Events, Activities

season April – November 2019

The Nature Reserves of the Alta Val di Cecina

Guided tour, Trekking, events

Trekking, events and meetings with experts, including environmental education, artistic and sensory workshops etc. to discover the wilds crossed by man for millennia.
A breathtaking experience that gives us a better understanding of the history of man and his centuries-old relationship with nature.

Information and Booking

Reservations required with the exception of visits to
Rocca Sillana and to Miniera di Montecatini on Friday afternoon
(they fall in the opening hours)

For further information and booking please contact: Consorzio Turistico Volterra Valdicecina Valdera:
www.volterratur.it; info@volterratur.it;

tel. 0588 860990588 87257: opening time: 9:30am/1:00pm; 2:00pm/6:00pm.

  • The excursions, in the afternoon and at night, must be booked by 1pm on the same excursion day.
  • The daily excursions must be booked by 5pm on the day prior the excursion.
  • Tutte le escursioni e le attività sono seguite da guide professioniste e/o da personale esperto.
  • All the excursions and activities are supervised by professional guides and/or experts. Shuttle bus not included.
  • acked-lunch not included.

The Nature Reserves of the Alta Val di Cecina

Not just a walk, coming and going but fully living a profound experience of nature, sometimes wild and untamed, and other times delightful and welcoming becoming part of our culture and presenting a unique landscape, a precious mosaic skilfully modelled by the people who had lived there for millennia, in the heart of Etruria.

A land of natural contrasts, an in between, a passage, culturally stressful, an articulated mosaic of nature that continuously surprises you, a delicate environmental equilibrium deserving discovery, to be understood and preserved.

All this in three extraordinary Nature Reserves (Berignone Forest, Monterufoli- Caselli Forest and Montenero), that have been classified as sites of a regional and community interest and protected areas, and another four protected areas of community importance (the Cecina River from Berignone to Ponteginori) and last but not least three of regional interest (Geothermal fields in M. Rotondo and Sasso Pisano, Valle del Pavone and Rocca Sillana, Balze of Volterra and the surrounding crete). About 12,000 hectares of a unique environment where one can enjoy the nature trails, trekking paths and didactic trails, fully equipped.

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Il presente programma è stato curato da.
Unione Montana Alta Val di Cecina e dal Centro di Educazione Ambientale Alta Val di Cecina in collaborazione con la Regione Toscana Direzione Ambiente ed Energia.

Guido Iacono: Regione Toscana Direzione Ambiente ed Energia Settore Tutela della Natura e del Mare
Mauro Barsacchi: Unione Montana Alta val di Cecina
Davide Bettini, Andrea Bandinelli: Centro di Educazione Ambientale Alta val di Cecina

Consorzio Turistico Volterra Valdicecina Valdera S.c.r.l.
Via Franceschini, 34 - 56048 Volterra (PI) - PIVA 01308340502
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