The violin of the Titanic

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Medicean fortress – Prison

Rampa di Castello 4


Teatro dell’Argine

Study No. 1 for spectators with a sinking

With the  Compagnia dei Rifugiati del Teatro dell’Argine

Directed by Pietro Floridia

Where: Carcere di Volterra – Spazio Kafka -

Assistant director Alice Marzocchi ChoreographyYuliya Vorontsova Video Fulvio Rifuggio


The show, inspired by the story of the famous ocean liner, will drive up the audience aboard the same boat”” with actors-refugees, in order to let them experience from within the dynamics that the sinking and fighting for their lives can generate. From the inside, or rubbing elbows with those who often lived, and not metaphorically, experiences of shipwreck.



To attend the presentation in the prison of Volterra you must be authorized.

E ‘must complete and sign the forms on our web site and send them to or fax number 0588.90528.

Information office:

Logge di Palazzo Pretorio - Piazza dei Priori – Volterra

tel. +39 331 2974045 / +39 331 7162468

Days and opening hours: from 8 to 28 July, from 10:00 to 20:00.


Consorzio Turistico Volterra Valdicecina Valdera S.c.r.l.
Via Franceschini, 34 - 56048 Volterra (PI) - PIVA 01308340502
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