The ghost bridges of the stream Ritasso and Museo delle Miniere di Montecatini V.C.

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09:00 - 17:30


Historical center


4th of May

The ghost bridges of the stream Ritasso and Museo delle Miniere di Montecatini V.C.

Excursion & Museum

Rocks, minerals, abandoned mines and mining history are among the main things of the excursion that leads to the old mining railway bridge on the stream Ritasso in Riserva Naturale Monterufoli-Caselli. The route passes through different types of environments with emergenze floristiche di pregio such as the rare liana Periploca graeca, il Tasso, la flora serpentinicola and orchids during the period of their flowering. At the end of the walk transfer to Museo delle Miniere di Montecatini V.C. for a visit to the mining area.

Meeting: SR. 68 Loc. Casino di Terra parking bar Big Roof at 9,00.

Distance: 6 km. Difference in height: 130 m.

Difficulty: Medium.

The participants will bring their own packed lunches.

Collaborators: Museo delle Miniere di Montecatini V.C.

Participant fee:

Excursion of 1 day €8,
Free for children up to 14 years old.

INFORMATION AND BOOKING (reservation required)
For further information and booking please contact:
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tel. 0588 86099; opening time: 10am/1pm; 2pm/6pm
The excursions, in the afternoon and at night, must be booked by 1pm on the
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