Teatro Romano International Festival – Verso Itaca

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21:30 - 23:15

Teatro Romano

Piazza Caduti nei Lager Nazisti


by Selene Gandini
starring: Caterina Gramaglia, Selene Gandini e Carlotta Piraino
directed by Selene Gandini

The project “Verso Itaca” (On the way to Ithaca) is a travel diary that joins writing, dancing and music. Each of these disciplines will accompany the viewer on a theatrical journey on which they will be able to experience different feelings and thoughts. The intention of the project is to weave a net of the locations of the most famous travel in the history of literature and poetry: ULYSSES’ JOURNEY HOME. Through the eyes of the women that loved him, hated him, waited for him and rejoined with him, we are given the opportunity to relive Ulysses’ life at sea and on dry land. This theatrical work quotes the words of Homerus, Ovid and other epic poets of both the classical and contemporary era. Wandering around the minds of Circe, Calypso and Nausicaa, before finally returning to Penelope.

verso itaca

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