Palio del Cero

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14:00 - 23:00

Piazza dei Priori

Piazza dei Priori


Competition among the contrada of Volterra

This event was one of the numerous civic and religious celebrations in Medieval Volterra in which the presence of wax and candles was extremely important: each neighbourhood, or contrada, of Volterra donated each year a specific amount of wax to the various churches of the city. Until the 16th century the corsa dei ceri, or “wax race”, was held; it was a competition between the various neighbourhoods of the city to be the first to reach the finish line with large wooden contraptions which had to move themselves, and which carried a candle, as an offering to the Saints, on top. Today’s competition, the Tiro del Cero, is a readaptation of this competition and is similar to a tug of war. In the competition the eight teams of the historic neighbourhoods of Volterra still challenge one another.
The competition is preceded by a series of preparatory ceremonies, such as the “weighing of the salt” and the “blessing of the hemp”. The famous Sbandieratori, or flag-wavers, of Volterra will also participate in the celebrations.
Come to Volterra and immerse yourselves for a few hours in this Medieval atmosphere! We promise that it will be a wonderful experience.
Palio del Cero

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