Le Troiane – Internation Festival Teatro Romano

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Persio Flacco Theatre

Via Sarti 37


Variations on the myth
In collaboration with Artisti Riuniti

The public takes place in the room. The stage is bare, punctuated by what remains after the war, and soon the women remaining shall be divided by the victors.

Women reach the wall and remove the cloth. Here, on that wall appear the faces of all those who have swallowed their own war. And ‘the beginning of the tragedy. Hecuba, Andromache and Cassandra would soon come into contact with Elena, she who was the cause of all their evil.

The layout of “Le Troiane”  focuses on these four female figures, four women ancient and still be able to tell the secret recesses of our constitution deep.


Ingresso € 10,00

Info www.teatroromanovolterra.it, info@teatroromanovolterra.it

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