Festival of the Girdle

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21:30 - 23:30

Borgo San Giusto

Borgo San Giusto


A string that “binds” the Church of San Giusto

Volterra celebrates its Patron Saints’ Day, honouring San Giusto and San Clemente. For this occasion there is a re-enactment of an ancient Medieval festival called the “Festival of the Girdle” in which the Church of San Giusto was encircled with a waxed cord called the accia, and the altar inside the church was girded with a silver chain. On the Saints’ Day the cord was cut into pieces and distributed to the families of Volterra to use as wicks for the lamps used in their homes.
A city parade will lead down to the Church of San Giusto where, in the presence of the Bishop of Volterra, the accia will be waxed and “girdled” around the church. Following the tradition, the cord will then be cut into pieces which will be given to the faithful.

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