Coloriamoci di Rosso – Treasure Hunting in the Pinacoteca

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09:30 - 12:30


Historical center


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Coloriamoci di Rosso – Treasure Hunting in the Pinacoteca


Free Artistic Workshops

For Children 5-10 years

Every Friday morning
From 5 July to 9 August 2013
Friday, July 26 – hours 9:30 to 12:30


 Treasure Hunting in the Pinacoteca

A dynamic and fun day full of activities. The children are divided into teams  and they are going to explore the wonders of the museum. They have to solve the mystery, only the paintings will give you the answers you are looking for.


PINACOTECA E MUSEO CIVICO Set within the beautiful palace “Minucci Solaini” , In the museums are some of the works of the most important artists of the Italian Renaissance: Rosso Fiorentino, Ghirlandaio, Signorelli …

Visiting the museum you can trace the history of the working
alabaster by the Etruscans. Through the day you can see the collection of  stone and processing techniques, the decorative shapes and patterns of
Palazzo Minucci Solaini
Via dei Sarti No. 1

For more information 

Every day from 9.30 till 19.00 at the headquarters Pinacoteca  – Cell 329 2752541
Coop.Itinera –

Consorzio Turistico Volterra Valdicecina Valdera S.c.r.l.
Via Franceschini, 34 - 56048 Volterra (PI) - PIVA 01308340502
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