The Tower-House Buomparenti

This is the very name of some of the case-torri near Piazza dei Priori.

The most important one is on the corner of Via Ricciarelli with Via Buonparenti, with two visible sides: it is very big, has a rectangular shape and originally had at least four floors. On the sides there are various pairs of windows, a big and a small one. On the ground floor are various doors that probably gave access to shops.
On each side there were balconies and protruding structures, one of which was supported by two special brackets, long and carved on the underside . The presence of mullioned windows, the size of the windows and the number of decorations lead us to presume that it was an important building, owned by a high-ranking family of Volterra.

Satellite Coordinates Lat. 43.402411 – Long. 10.85895
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