Vito Merlini: the passion for graphic design

merliniThe “Donazione Vito Merlini” Collection of Incisions and Lithographic Images, Peccioli.

These works of art are all from the second half of the twentieth century, during which time Italian and foreign graphic art flourished.
The oldest part of the palazzo which houses this collection is the brick tower which rises up on the north-west side and which dates back to Medieval times. The palazzo was part of the Santa Chiara hospital in Pisa until it was bought by the Florentine Medici family and made into the central hub of a vast farm. This farm subsequently became the property of the Genovese Gaslini family. Today, it belongs to Società Fondi Rustici.

The museum and its collections were opened to the public in 2006. The museum is dedicated to Vito Merlini, an ex-doctor from Peccioli who, along with his wife, had a life-long passion for graphic art. Merlini was a man with eclectic interests: he was an actor, he was president of the Società Filarmonica and of the Unione Ciclistica Pecciolese, he was president of the Società Sportiva di Calcio, as well as being hugely involved in the world of art.

The museum’s collections consist of 279 works including engravings, lithographs, wood engravings and screen prints. Many top engravers are represented in the collections, such as Viviani, Piacesi, Bartolini, Zancanaro, Guliono, Mongatti, Greco, Morena and Parigi. Other artists whose work is displayed here include Baj, Breddo, Carrà, Guerricchio, Guttuso, Possenti, Morlotti, Maffi and Manzù. Many of these painters and sculptors dedicated themselves to experimenting engraving and lithographic techniques, resulting in the most extraordinary results.

Collection of Incisions and Lithographic Images “Donazione Vito Merlini”


Via Marconi, 5
65037 – Peccioli (PI)
Phone + 39 0587 672158


Open daily excluded 01/01, 15/08, 01/05, 25/12

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: from 10:00 am unti 01:00 pm and from 03:00 pm until 07:00 pm

Saturday, Sunday and holidays: from 10:00 am unti 01:00 pm and from 04:00 pm until 08:00 pm


Admission free

For guided tours to groups and student groups, even outside the opening hours, please contact:
Fondazione “Peccioli per l’Arte”

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