The multi-coloured creativity enlivens the town

Volterra practically has the exclusive of alabaster workmanship, but it is also a extraordinary container of other small artistic activities, that embrace the most traditional sectors of the Italian craftsmanship.
In this sense, the city is perfectly inserted in an only apparently “minor” Tuscany, characterized by the inestimable cultural and socio-economic treasure, to a large extent unexplored and unknown, of the innumerable artisan realities, heirs of the arts and the works that have been the protagonists of the development of the region.
Visita le pagine di Arte in BottegaArte in Bottega
We want to safe guard, re-evaluate and promote the great variety of artistic age-old crafts that thrive in this ancient hilltop town.
Visita le pagine di Fabula EtruscaFabula Etrusca
Creation of collections that are inspired by the art of our famous etruscan ancestors.
Visita le pagine di Montagnani SpartacoMontagnani Spartaco
Bronze statuettes with meticulous hand-finished details.
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