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Una nuova app/guida di Volterra

  Cinema Centrale – Presentazione App/guida Volterra  

Volterra and the warm heart of the Upper Cecina Valley

Volterra e la Valle del Diavolo: alla scoperta delle manifestazioni geotermiche naturali in una valle che ancora oggi brucia, gorgoglia e sbuffa.

The Valley of the Devil. Geothermal Museum, soffione and San Martino Central

Un immenso laboratorio didattico per progetti di educazione ambientale nel segno della sostenibilità.

La Città in Scena

05/07/2014 – 01/08/2014La Città in Scena Volterra

Montegemoli Bread Festival

05/05/2013Montegemoli Bread Festival Montegemoli

Excursion on the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano

15/06/2013 – 16/06/2013Excursion on the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano Volterra

Rocca Sillana

THE HISTORY The hamlet of Sillano dates back to Etruscan times, as witnessed by various archaeological finds. The settlement of Sillano was first mentioned in a document from the 10th century written by the bishop of Volterra, and the fortified settlement in 1067 in a document recording the sale of lands. Probably the guard tower


Advocates of sustainable tourism, in a virgin territory, become part of an environment experienced by eyes, feet, hands and … the heart. A choice for those who love active holidays, a way to discover an area unspoiled rich in forests, nature reserves, watercourses, and rock faces. Many are the itineraries and activities: horse riding, cycling,

La Zambra Route

Itinerary for experts, the terrain is very hard and sometimes you may be forced to continue on foot carrying your bicycle: streams to be crossed, mud and hard slopes.   A particularly enjoyable route, exceptional from the landscape point of view, but only for expert bikers. It can be attempted in the spring and summer

Scornello and Calanchi Route

This is an easy path for cyclists, despite its 34 km. The slopes are not demanding and the terrain is not particularly rough except for 2 km of Ancient Roman cobblestone road   In autumn and winter, mud and puddles can be found along the unpaved path, but it is open all the year round.

La Caprareccia Route

Below is the classic introductory itinerary for all local mountain bike enthusiasts, a true local christening for beginners. The route is mostly on unpaved roads, partly in bad condition, and on the cobblestone paths of the Berignone Forest.   Most slopes are challenging also due to a path that does not always offer tyres a

Pignano – Ulignano Route

This initial itinerary is reasonably easy and thus good for those who need to build up their leg muscles.   The length is reasonable, the terrain is good although on unpaved roads and the slopes are not too demanding except for a short piece (about 1.5Km) leading to Pignano. Open all year round.   Type

Etruscan Necropolis

Outside the fortification are the Necropolises of the Main Gate, Badia, Ulimeto and Ripaie, which have been under excavation since the 18th century. The sites at Marmini, S. Giusto and Ulimeto offer some examples of tombs belonging to the Hellenistic period (end 4th-1st cent. B.C.). Their finds, among which are the famous cinerary urns made

Buomparenti Tower

This is the very name of some of the case-torri near Piazza dei Priori. The most important one is on the corner of Via Ricciarelli with Via Buonparenti, with two visible sides: it is very big, has a rectangular shape and originally had at least four floors. On the sides there are various pairs of

Balze and Badia

THE BALZE (Cliffs) Besides the monuments and the numerous testimonies to art and history, Volterra offers the view over the hilly landscape surrounding, that is suddenly arrested by the wild and awesome view over the Balze (cliffs). One of the most famous areas of Volterra, the Balze are an interesting natural phenomenon of soil erosion.

St. Francesco

It is the main Franciscan church in the Volterra area. The church of San Francesco also was the first church to be built following the spreading of the word of the Saint from Assisi, in the 13th century as a consequence of a great number of people attracted by the life of those monks. It

Etruscan Acropolis

The excavation works in the Acropolis have brought back to light an area dedicated to religious activities: starting from the 6th century BC in this area religious buildings and other structures linked to them, such as houses and warehouses, were built. The most substantial period of building was that of the Ellenistic period (3rd and

Porta all’Arco

Porta all’Arco (one of the town’s gateways) is the most famous architectural monument from Etruscan Volterra. It was built using different materials and techniques, and this is a sign of the modifications made over the centuries. The gateway has a stone arch, decorated with three sculpted heads on the outer façade. The doorposts are made

Horse Riding

Experience Tuscany in the most genuine way possible, on the back of a horse accompanied by a professional guide. There a many different itineraries for beginners and accomplished riders: from horse riding for children in the riding stables, to riding across the extraordinary Tuscan countryside. Excursions last from a minimum of 1 hour to a

Nature and history in the Pavone Valley

The itinerary is almost entirely within the regional heritage site of the “Pavone Valley and Rocca Sillana”. Due to the numerous historical, artistic, mining and naturalistic features, this is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and charming areas of the Val di Cecina, with an unmatched history, environment and landscape.   Texts by the Comunità

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